Charlie's Commentary - "Knock-Around" Sneakers

This section discusses Charlie's favorite "knock-around" sneakers. One could wear most of these to work out just fine, but I tend to wear these more for out and about instead of working out.

I categorize the canvas Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star as the classic "knock-around" sneaker, but more up-to-date sneakers don't have some of the shortcomings I perceive in canvas sneakers:

  1. Durability (or lack thereof)
  2. Tendency for the canvas to crease, discolor, and shrink prematurely

(Of course, if you want a pair of sneakers in bright colors, you're going to pretty much be limited to canvas. Unless you're able to wear a pair of Reebok Freestyles.)

Accordingly, my choices for the best general knock-around sneakers are:

adidas New York Nylon

adidas New York Nylon sneakers in blue/gray/whiteThese are both exquisitely comfortable and surprisingly eye-catching: given the number of people who have commented about then.

Nike Air Trainer Escape

Nike Air Trainer EscapeAnother pair of eye-catching sneakers: I think my ear, nose, and throat doctor (a really great guy, he typically wears ASICS sneakers and surgical scrubs in the office) was going to buy a pair after seeing mine!


Nike Umpqua

Nike Umpqua sport sandalSometimes, I like just the bare necessities. A pair of Nike sport sandals will do just fine. (Young Stevie, seeing this very Web page, dared me to wear these to work once. I wore them to a design review with NASA. None of the managers raised an eyebrow. They were probably overwhelmed to see me wear a tie.)


Tretorn Nylite Leather

Tretorn Nylite leather tennis sneakerThe Tretorn Nylite is a great all-white sneaker. Extra added attractions is that they are cleanly styled, comfortable, and light. The only down-side is that they sure won't do if you're in the high-top mood.


Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star Stars and Bars

As far as I'm concerned, this shoe requires one of two excuses to wear it: (a) patriotic holidays, or (b) a really good day.


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