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Independence Sanitarium and Hospital birth certificateCharlie was born in 1955 at Independence, Jackson County, Missouri (suburban Kansas City), at what was then known as the Independence Sanitarium and Hospital. At that time, it was a ministry of the Community of Christ. The old Independence Sanitarium is no more. Former President Harry Truman retired a couple of years earlier, and lived about two-thirds of a mile to the east on (appropriately named) Truman Road.

Diploma from Fort Osage High SchoolMy K-12 Education was at the Buckner School, Levasy School, Fort Osage Junior High, and Fort Osage High School. These are all part of the Fort Osage School District, headquartered near the center of the district in rural Independence, Jackson County, Missouri.

Diploma from Fort Osage Area Vocational-Technical SchoolWhen I was in high school, I took some vocational electronics training. I went through the two years of material in one year! My instructor thought I should go into some type of engineering. This was at the Career and Technology Center at Fort Osage (then known as the Fort Osage Area Vocational-Technical School).

BSEE Diploma from the University of Missouri-ColumbiaAfter I graduated from high school, I went to college for that engineering degree. After four years and two sessions of summer school, I got a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1977 at the University of Missouri-Columbia at Columbia, Boone County, Missouri.

International Space Station picture with textAfter college, I went to work at Boeing in 1977 for 32 years. Spent about half of my time working on the International Space Station.

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