My male teammates and their sneakers

After Melanie got her sneakers on the World Wide Web, certain of my male teammates began demanding equal time for their sneakers on the Internet. Who am I to refuse?

Probably the favorite in my team:

New Balance 608 cross-training shoe in whiteSeveral of my teammates have various running and cross-training shoes from the New Balance 600 series: models 600, 606, 607, 608, 620, 648, 650, 655, 656, 657, 658, and 659 come to mind. Several people have New Balance 606's, but I have to admit.... I'm the only one with a brown pair!


[Space Station data integrator and paper shuffler.]

ASICS GEL Kayano training shoeBill has been finding lately that he needs a less cushy running shoe than a pair of Nike Air Max. He's gotten a new pair of ASICS GEL Kayano to keep things stiff and stable.

Nike Air Deschütz Pro 2 sport sandalBill recently found that running is too hard on him and he had to have some foot surgery. For a while, he was down to wearing a pair of Nike Air Deschütz sport sandals around work!

Gary [the Software Designer]

[His sneakers are one of the few things older than the Space Station computers!]

Nike All Court low-top basketball/tennis shoeHe's had these Nike All Court sneakers for a good long while.

Gary told me a story about these Nike All Court sneakers. It seems they were literally bought for use as "sandshoes." He won an employee contest when he was working on the Space Shuttle in 1982. His prize was a trip to Hawaii.

Gary [the Version Describer]

[Chucks and Configurations are his specialties.]

Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All Star optical white low-top Before he went to management, Gary was our "Engineering Configuration Management" person. That means he got to keep track of all our software pieces. He has several sneakers in his collection, including some Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star sneakers in black and white. (Gary professes no love whatsoever for high-top sneakers.)


[Wrote the C that glued all the various things together here on the Earth.]

Converse "Chuck Taylor" black high-topsJack played high school basketball back in the days when Chucks reigned supreme. Over the years he's been on Space Station he has had several pairs of sneakers he wears into work, including pairs of black Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star low-top and high-top sneakers, a pair of beat-up white and Carolina blue adidas Superstar, a pair of Nike, and a pair of ASICS.


[Mac addict. Currently learning Windows NT.]

Jim is from Oregon, the home of the Umpqua and the Deschutes (two rivers that Nike used for naming their sport sandals). So, it would be appropriate that Jim is a Nike fanatic, and he is.

Jim's "Pepsi Stuff" Teva All Terrain sport sandalsJim is not only a Mac addict, but also a Pepsi fanatic. (Being much less of a Yankee than Jim is, I prefer a Coke any day.) Jim is so much of a Pepsi fanatic that (with some help from throwing some pool parties) that he got a pair of "Pepsi Stuff" Teva sport sandals!

"Young Stevie"

[Generation X]

I should point out some things about Young Stevie:

  1. He keeps complaining almost everyone in our organization has more age, experience, and accumulated wisdom. Therefore, several of us call Stephen "Young Stevie" as a joke.
  2. Young Stevie was born in Switzerland; that means he can pronounce a number of terms whose European pronunciation is downright impossible for American tongues. (Such as the pronunciation of the name of the German chemical firm Hoechst.)
  3. He has this irrational belief in extraterrestrial automobile manufacturing. Young Stevie has a fairly new car. When he got it, he told me it came from Saturn. After checking with the experts at NASA, they tell me there are no life forms on Saturn capable of making automobiles. I did a little research and found his car really came from Tennessee.
  4. Young Stevie wear sneakers to work? Only on the weekend! (He's one of the few people in our building who wears a shirt and tie to work.) He has a pair of dirty New Balance 999 running shoes.
  5. Young Stevie is the typical penny-pinching engineer. I tell him he ought to buy a pair of Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star sneakers so he would have some a pair of true classics.  He tells me he's too broke.
  6. One of my writers told me (indignantly): "That guy Steve is either blind or a recluse." Just because he asked me "What are Chucks?"...
  7. IMHO, Young Stevie is "Dilbert incarnate." (I'm just afraid when he grows up, he'll become The Evil HR Director.)
  8. Young Stevie has an even younger brother who performs in a rock band... wearing Chucks, of course!"

New Balance 999 running shoeYoung Stevie has a pair of  New Balance 999 running shoes. They have been everywhere from SA (Southern Alabama) to the SA (Swiss Alps). He told me they've also been to England and Mexico.

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