Memories - Converse One Star

A NOTE ABOUT THE ONE STAR HEEL PATCH AND OUTSOLE: Earlier production models had a black heel patch, while later production had a white heel patch. Models with the white heel patch omit the traditional  "Chuck Taylor" All Star sizing information on the outsole, while models with the black heel patch retained this information.

Converse One Star in rust

Converse One Star platform in pink

Converse One Star in red

Converse One Star in Cement

Converse One Star in steel gray-blue

Converse One Star in Iris Blue

Converse One Star in dark blueIn the 1970's, Converse marketed at least four suede sneaker models similar to the classic "Chuck Taylor" All Star canvas basketball shoe. They were very similar. The major difference between the shoes were patterns on the side. These models included:

  1. The "One Star", which used the standard All Star sole.
  2. A "stripe-star-stripe" model, which used the standard All Star sole.
  3. A "star and chevron" model, which used a slightly modified All Star sole.
  4. A three-striped model in the COACH line.

In 1999, Converse introduced the "EZ Chuck" as yet another version of the same idea.

Converse One Star in blackKIDS, PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME: Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, deceased punk rock singer, was wearing black One Star sneakers when he shot himself.

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