Memories - Pro-Keds Sneakers

Early Pro-Keds Sneakers

Early Pro-Keds white high-top canvas sneakersThis picture shows a pair of Pro-Keds sneakers of unknown (but early) vintage.

Comparison: Pro-Keds vs. the Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star

Pro-Keds were a canvas basketball sneaker that competed for market share with the Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star shoe. At least in the Midwest, Chucks were much more prevalent when I was a kid.

Pro-Keds black canvas high-top sneaker

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star black high-tops

There are a large number of detail styling differences between Pro-Keds and Chucks:

Upper design at heel Peg-topped (upward fabric projection) Flat across
Rubber wrap trim Contrast strip across the middle of the rubber wrap Red and blue diagonal rubber decoration (close to little toe area)
Toe cap trim None Across back of toe cap
Heel stitching Matches predominant color White
Toe area reinforcement NO YES
Sourced from (2003) China; Vietnam China

Pro-Keds, like Chucks, had many and varied uses for Baby Boom Boy athletes.

Which is the REAL Pro-Keds Logo?

Pro-Keds Logo #1Does the real Pro-Keds logo look like choice #1?

Pro-Keds Logo #2Or, does the real Pro-Keds logo look like choice #2?

Pro-Keds Logo #3Or, does the real Pro-Keds logo look like choice #3?

Pro-Keds Logo #4Or, does the real Pro-Keds logo look like choice #4?

Hey! This isn't a fair question!

That's because EVERY ONE of these logos have been used on Pro-Keds over the years!

Pro-Keds in 2002/2003....

Pro-Keds "Royal Canvas" low-top basketball shoePro-Keds have returned to the market in 2002. Distribution was very limited at first. This picture shows one of their 2002 models: a white low-top version of their "Royal Canvas" basketball shoe.

Pro-Keds "Royal Canvas" low-top in blueThe "Royal Canvas" low-top was also made in various colors not shown here, including black and red.

Pro-Keds "Royal Canvas" high-top basketball shoeThe 2002/2003 models also included high-tops in multiple colors.

Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-top in red


Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-top in yellow


Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-tops in blue

Pro-Keds in 2004....

Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-tops in chocolate/khakiNew colors introduced for 2004 but not shown include pink and Carolina blue.

Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-tops in Bottle Green

Royal Storm (waterproof) in blue - outside viewPro-Keds also introduced the Royal Storm, a water-resistant style featuring rubberized construction, no Buick Ventiports, and a tongue gusset. Other men's colors include green/yellow and black/white. Other women's colors included all black, pink/maroon, orange/white, and red/white.

Royal Storm (waterproof) in blue - inside viewThis is a view of the inside, showing some of the construction details.

Royal Lightning (waterproof) in blackThis is the similar pull-on Royal Lightning style.

Pro-Keds in designs and patterns...

Pro-Keds Royal Canvas high-tops, Derrick Hodgson patternThis is the limited-edition Pro-Keds high-top that features the art of Derrick Hodgson.

Other artist designs include:

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