Memories - adidas Promodel

Early adidas basketball shoe models started getting wide attention during the 1970-1971 basketball season. That year, my old high school basketball team broke with their Converse "Chuck Taylor" All Star tradition for the low-top adidas Superstar.

adidas Promodel shoe (white, black stripes)The adidas Superstar has a corresponding high-top version, named the "Promodel."

adidas Promodel shoe (white, dark blue stripes)Despite the connotation of the name, the Promodel was no more exclusively for professionals than the Superstar was for superstars.

adidas Promodel shoe (white, shiny gray stripes)The Promodel, like the Superstar, has been periodically issued and reissued over the years.

adidas Promodel shoe (black, white stripes)

adidas Promodel shoe (red, white stripes)

adidas Promodel shoe (blue, white stripes)

adidas Promodel shoe (green, white stripes)

adidas Promodel Original shoe (black, white stripes)

Closeup view of the adidas "Shell Toe" shoe toeThe adidas Promodel and its low-top equivalent, the Superstar, feature a distinctive toe-cap design. Adidas has used the so-called "shell-toes" design in other models.

adidas Promodel shoe (white, red stripes, partial shell-toe)Here's a picture of a vintage model that, unlike most, only has a partial "shell-toe" (the edges are rubber, the center is leather).

In 1998, adidas created a "Millennium" updated version of the classic Superstar and Promodel, as well as the Stan Smith tennis sneaker.

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