Memories - the ORIGINAL cross-trainers

Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star and Pro-Keds sneakers have all types of uses... as shown by examples from old school yearbooks:

"Chuck Taylor" All-Star Boxing Shoes

US Air Force Academy cadets boxing in Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star black high-topsJohn sent me this picture from the 1981 US Air Force Academy yearbook. Two cadets are going for it like crazy in their Converse "Chuck Taylor" All-Star Boxing Shoes!

Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All-Star black high-topConverse All-Star "Boxing" Shoe

"Chuck Taylor" All-Star Discus Throwing Shoes

(Rex in action!)Rex, in his All Star discus throwing shoes, turns in another excellent performance.

"Chuck Taylor"All-Star Open-Reel Tape Untangling Shoes

(Charlie in action!)Charlie demonstrates the use of All-Star open-reel tape untangling shoes. (Yes, I did get the tape back on the reel!)

Red Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All-Star low-topsConverse All-Star "Open-Reel Tape Untangling" Shoe

"Chuck Taylor" All-Star Pole Vaulting Shoes

(Gerald in action!)Gerald soars effortlessly over the bar in his All-Star pole vaulting shoes.

Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All Star optical white low-topConverse All Star "Pole Vaulting" Shoe

"Chuck Taylor" All-Star Wrestling Shoes (with the star on the side)

(Gary in action!)Gary's opponent gives it all he has in his All-Star wrestling shoes (with the star on the side). Unfortunately for him, Gary almost has the pin!

Converse 'Chuck Taylor' All-Star unbleached white high-top basketball shoeConverse "Chuck Taylor"All-Star "Wrestling" Shoe (with the star on the side): the real "Chuck Taylor" Wrestling Shoes have no star on the side and no Buick Ventiports!

Pro-Keds Wrestling Shoes

(Joe in action!)Joe's opponent sports a pair of black Pro-Keds "wrestling" shoes. Guaranteed hot sports action!

Pro-Keds black high-top "Wrestling" Shoes (white foxing)Pro-Keds "Wrestling" Shoe

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